Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is a powerful tool that you can use to get rid of what’s left of your trees. It literally grinds it and the tree roots with a cutter disk or wheel that spins at very high speeds. The wheel has teeth on it which do the cutting. Those teeth will grind everything up until you’re left with nothing but wood chips. If your’re searching for a one that is for sale, you should always make sure the teeth on the wheel are in great shape. A Rayco is known for having long lasting cutting wheels. Even if you just need a stump grinder rental, it’s best to take a look at the teeth before leaving the rental shop. Now usually the teeth on a disk are made of carbide. Hydraulic cylinders are used in the grinder to push it down through the wood and to raise it back up. Of course it takes a while of pushing down and up to slowly grind away the wood, but it’s a highly effective method.

When people have trees removed from their property, they often forget that they’ll be left with a clump that gets in the way of what they’re trying to do. The truth is that almost all tree services do not include removal as part of their standard service. Some can even charge more than what they did for cutting the tree down! Many people think they can just dig a stump out of the ground. I once had a friend who spent an entire Saturday stubbornly trying to dig one out. By the time was done he was well on his way to a nice swimming pool in his backyard. It was hilarious to say the least.

These grinders come in various sizes. They can be anywhere in size from a glorified lawnmower to a large pickup. It all depends on what the job calls for. The typical one usually has a 16 or 17 inch diameter. If you own a large property or just plan on having to remove a lot, it’s worth your time and money to rent one or even buy one depending on your actual needs.

A tree service company will typically charge you anywhere between $80 and $160+ to remove a stump (depends on size of course). If you have at least two large ones to get rid of, it should be worth it for you to do it yourself. The rental costs vary but you can usually get one from somewhere between $100 – $200 per day.

Of course if you’re looking to clear out a large section of property, as in an acre or more, you definitely would be best served to go ahead and buy a grinder. More than one company manufactures them and there’s a wide range available. The average personal use one though will only require a 16 – 17 inch one. Some of the manufacturers include: Vermeer, Honda, Northstar, Bluebird, Husqvarna, and more.

Safety Tips for Using a Stump Grinder

1.  Wear Safe Clothing – Sounds crazy, of course, but you really do need to pay attention to what you’re wearing when operating the machine. Believe it or not more than a few people have been killed by having their clothes get caught up in the spinning cutting wheel. If you can imagine getting dragged under those blades, you can now imagine why you’re going to watch what you wear. You absolutely need to have tight clothes. Short sleeves would be preferable as well.

2) No Jewelry Allowed – Once again it’s very important take off all your jewelry before using one. Don’t even think about starting a machine before doing so. Remove ALL necklaces, watches, bracelets, and piercings if they are big, etc. You do NOT want to get any of those caught in this machine.

3) Safety Eye Glasses – An absolute MUST for anyone using a grinder. When you use one, it spits out thousands of very small pieces of wood. It does that at an extremely high speed too, making it imperative that you have safety glasses on. One piece of wood in your eye could result in you losing it. Not exactly worth it considering a pair of glasses will run you like $10. Be smart. Get some glasses!

4) Good Old Common Sense – Of course many of the things mentioned here are simple common sense. You’d also be surprised how many millions of people a year end up in an emergency room because they don’t follow them! Do what we recommend here and make your experience a useful one, not a day where you have to end up getting medical attention! When all is said and done, it’s just plain common sense that your life is worth a whole lot more than a stump.

 Best of luck and hope you have a great experience!

Practical Solutions with Stump Grinding

Stump grinders slowly and gradually get rid of what’s left of a tree by grinding them up with a revolving disk that moves at a significant rate of speed. Grinders are typically the measurements of a lawn mower or as huge as a truck. Many carry out their task by means of a very fast disk with teeth that pulverize it and the roots into very small wooden chips. More often than not a grinder works by using carbide teeth on a cutter wheel to destroy a stump. Movements of a grinder’s cutting wheel are managed by hydraulic cyliners that go up and down.

One important factor to remember is that the stump needs to be ground down to at the least 6 inches below surface level. You will require that much area to make certain that you may successfully plant your lawn or additional plants over the old area. Natural materials and roots will continue to pull nitrogen from the soil it is therefore recommend to wait around six months or so before plating turf or grass. After grinding everything down, you will have an abundance of mulch remaining that you could conveniently use in adjacent flower beds or around other trees.

Burning has always been an adequate strategy for removal, but it is actually the least advisable way to remove them. It commonly generates charcoal that never decomposes on account of the shortage of oxygen with the under-ground portions of the tree. Those positioned alongside buildings or residences should never be burned due to human safety issues. It may really take one a couple of weeks to thoroughly burn so placing a makeshift fence or barrier is usually a smart idea. By burrowing out a small trench or fire line around a it, you might help prevent fire escaping to any grassy place adjacent to the stump.

Each time a tree is cut down there still remains a root system going lots of feet into the ground. For some people the thought of that sitting in their yard is not a big deal, but some people will insist it be removed. In the event you can’t deal with one in your yard, or you want to maintain your home’s value solid, it is advisable to get rid of it. Exactly how one is taken out is really the next question that you will want to take a look at.

While grinding them down seems like it may be a difficult undertaking, it truthfully is quite simple after you get a feel for the equipment. It’s always simpler to hire someone else to do the job but if you think you can actually operate it, just go on and do it yourself. Basic safety precautions are important and should always be followed when working with any kind of yard tool. We’ve tried to offer you some terrific information and ideas that we believe will help you have much success in your efforts.

Understanding Fundamental Aspects of Stump Grinders

Stumps as well as underground roots are the things that remain after a tree has been taken away by an experienced tree service. Getting rid of them is a must for almost all property owners although a handful won’t mind at all. It is best to eradicate one if it’s actually going to trouble you very much, or if you’re concerned about it lowering the value of your home. How it is pulled out is actually the next question you may want to consider.

As the name here suggests, a walk behind stump grinder isn’t only straightforward to walk behind and use, but it’s clearly the most frequent. As you are standing upright behind this machine, the grinding blades will certainly spin at a high speed and cut through everything. The lever at the end lets the user to push and pull the grinder forward and back allowing its spinning blades to grind at high speed. Walk behind ones are getting to be well liked in the rental marketplace because they’re rather easy to utilize and transport. The first preference of people who must grind up only a handful of them is nearly always the multifaceted walk behind grinder.

When people have trees removed from their land, they sometimes overlook that they’ll be left with a stump that will get in the way of what they’re attempting to do. Reality is that almost all tree service businesses usually do not estimate a price for removal when offering quotes to cut down trees. It surely is not abnormal that you should spend more to have it removed than you might pay out to have the total tree cut down. Though at first glance you may think that digging one out manually is simple, it is best to seriously reevaluate the problems involved.

A property owner will employ a tree company for plenty of different reasons and alternatives. It could be necessary to seek the services of a business due to the fact a considerable amount of a tree is hanging over your home. Hiring a skilled tree service to trim expensive trees could be a shrewd move in safeguarding your home’s value. The home prices for the whole neighborhood commonly increase when everyone’s yard is nicely maintained.

Setting fire to a one is amongst the most common ways of removing them, however, it definitely isn’t recommended. Any time a stump is burnt the under-ground parts normally become charcoal that won’t decompose because of the lack of oxygen below the surface. Never burn them near structures or other flammable materials or where human safety is involved. Now burning ones may smolder for literally a couple of weeks at a time therefore it’s suggested to put some sort of fence around them. By burrowing out a small trench or fire line around one, you can help prevent fire escaping to any grassy spot in the area.

As soon as you learn how to work one properly, you’ll discover that it’s rather uncomplicated and actually fairly fun. If you happen to know somebody who has expertise operating one, it would be wise to get them to help you on your first try. Don’t forget to follow all safety precautions before utilizing it. Should you comply with the advice offered here for you, we are confident you are going to have much success.